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Help a child stay off the streets. It takes very little to save a child from hunger, disease and despair. However, there are a lot of children in need. Don't be discouraged. Here is an opportunity to do what you can to help. You'll be amazed at what your contribution can accomplish!. Even $10 per month commitment can make a world of difference in a child's life.


hand_and_candleA nation’s greatest resource lies in human talent, yet a generation of children may never know their unique potential due to a lack of resources.  As a child raised under such circumstances, I was fortunate to overcome these limitations through the grace of God, and the generosity of others.  This humbling experience has made me grateful for the opportunities that I was given and has defined my purpose in life.  I am now committed to uplifting the lives of underprivileged children by providing them with a quality education and, empowering them with tools they need for a better future.
~ Dr. Subbarao Polineni
Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle…
Help us light the way for children in need.

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    “I had the great opportunity to visit the Bright Life Foundation, USA supported orphanage school called Sri Chinnamai Trust School in Martur, AP, India during December 2012. It was indeed an unforgettable experience for me and my children Gita and Govind who came along with me. We were humbled by the experience of seeing those kids very happy despite the odds. Those children were disciplined and hardworking but very appreciative of what they are being provided. They were very happy to see us visiting them.

    The food provided in the dining hall was nutritious and well prepared and they served us with great affection. It was one of the best meals I had in my trip.

    This school was built in a very spacious land that boasts peaceful surroundings and atmosphere. It was built with a vision to make it self-sufficient in all aspects and they are close to achieving their proclaimed goal. I was very much impressed by their work and felt blessed to be part of this noble project though what I am contributing is very little as compared to many other good people who have been making this happen.

    We all know the obvious reasons for poor conditions in India and we all are frustrated and sometimes angry about it. We feel like we are incapable of changing anything. After I came in contact with Dr. Subba Rao garu and as I observed his saintly demeanor, strong resolve, and great affection towards these under privileged children at the school, I realized that not only how much difference a person can make to society but also how much one can inspire the others to affect the change.

    It’s really a wonderful experience in my life to be associated with this foundation.So I urge all of you my friends to be part of this project and contribute whichever way you can and visit the school when you go to India next time.”

    Kurmanath Chadalawada, M.D.

    “Truly inspiring to see children grow and thrive in a nurturing environment with opportunties they would not have otherwise had…the school is a place of love and hope for children in need”

    “Kids who have never had an opportunity before have one now. The ability to help them enables them to have a successful life moving forward”

    “I was so happy to see that God’s children were well taken care of in a clean environment
    with good nutritious food (from the farm) and were given a great education.
    Kudos to Dr.Polineni’s vision unfolding into a reality…” Feed the fish and simultaneously
    teach them how to fish for themselves”.
    — R.L.