Feed a Child

nullThe Bright Life Foundation, since its inception in January 2010, has been committed to supporting Sri Sarada Niketan Public School in Martur, India. This school has become home to more than 300 impoverished children, with the hope of helping more in the future.
Achieving self-sufficiency has been our priority since day one. Without any financial obligations to anyone, all of the buildings have been constructed, providing classrooms as well as a place to live (dormitories).
At the same time, we have strived to maintain self-sufficiency in feeding the children. For this reason, over the last five years, we have developed an agricultural farm, we have developed an agricultural farm, dairy farm, vegetable gardens, as well as a renewable energy source (bio-gas plant) to replace the need of purchasing natural gas for cooking. This model is capable of meeting our needs of feeding all students.

Though we produce enough crops to cover these needs, we do not have the luxury to sell them and use the profits for the following year’s agricultural operations. All of the food that we produce is consumed by our children. For this reason we are developing the “Feed a Child Endowment Fund” – where we seek to raise $300,000 so that the interest accrued will meet the annual agricultural operating expenses. A 10% interest return of this amount ($30,000) will account for all of the operating expenses for both the farm and kitchen. This ensures that the school will be able to provide quality nutrition continuously. A one time donation of $500 (pre-taxes) will feed a child indefinitely. A small contribution will make a world of difference to these children. You can become a sponsor as an individual, family or as a group.


Donations can be made using Paypal and Authorize.Net on our website.
They can also be mailed to PO Box 974 St. Charles, MO. 63301
Tax ID No. 27-1777536