Newsletter: A Biannual Report
24th May


Newsletter: A Biannual Report


  • Agriculture
    • Farming in the land around the school, is able to provide food to all our kids currently
  • Solar Panels:
    • Total energy costs for the school annually is about $30,000.Three solar panels are installed so far. Goal is 5 more to attain self sufficiency.
  • New Admissions
    • This year we had 40 new admissions, of which 11 came from tribal areas with loss of one or both parents and from overcrowded families. Seven out of these 11 kids are older than 10 years in age and have no prior education. All these kids have never been exposed to a book, leave alone the alphabets. They speak tribal language. These children with special needs are placed in a in a separate class , where dedicated teaching faculty to teach these kids in small groups of 4or 5 students in an accelerated and intense curriculum to help them catch up and eventually integrate with their age appropriate peers .


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